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A monthly talk by an invited speaker - varied topics but usually of general interest to pagans
First Wednesday of every month - Theosophical Hall, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham - 7.30 for 8.00pm. Admission £4.50 (£2.50 unwaged).


Empyrean's very first speakers 1993 - 1995

More recent ones (!):

Mar 2020 Ian Jones "Enheduanna: Priestess of Innana"
Feb 2020 Shani Oates "Sin Eating"
Dec 2019 Philip Heselton "In Search of the New Forest Coven"
Nov 2019 Daniel Bran Griffith "The Derby Ram"
Oct 2019 James Wright "How To Deflect Your Demons"
Sep 2019 Mike Hill "Low Cost / No Cost Paganism"
Jul 2019 Prof. Timothy Landry "Vodoun"
Jun 2019 Carol Keith "Warp, Weft and Wyrd"
May 2019 Ross Parish "Calendar Customs"
Apr 2019 David Knight "Paranormal phenomena: A Discussion on Ghosts"
Mar 2019 Sean Woodward "Journey To Zothyria"
Feb 2019 Shani Oates "The Wild Hunt"
Jan 2019 Anna Franklin "A Seasonal Talk"
Nov 2018 Heinz Frommann "The Secret Life of Trees"
Oct 2018 Ashley Mortimer "'THE' Book of Shadows"
Sep 2018 Suzanne Read "An Occult history of Alderley Edge"
Jul 2018 Dominic Wetherall "It's all Wyrd"
Jun 2018 Prof. Timothy Landry "Willful Things: Sorcery and Encountering Ritual Magic in West Africa and Beyond"
May 2018 Ross Parish "Votive offerings at holy wells, a historic and modern prospective"
Apr 2018 Carol Keith "Anglo-Saxon Magico-Medicine"
Mar 2018 Daryl Baxter "Mystery Religions and Paganism"
Feb 2018 Frank Wright "Medieval Graffiti"
Dec 2017 Ross Parrish "Christmas Customs of the East Midlands and their possible pagan origins"
Oct 2017 Frank Earp "Paranormal Nottingham"
Sep 2017 Daniel Griffith, the Chattering Magpie "Black Annis: Goddess, Goblin, Demon or Troll?" more info
Jul 2017 Steven Blake "Getting more Love and Joy in your life" more info
Jun 2017 Finian Heavey "Theosophy, Paganism and the Aquarian Age"
May 2017 Bob Trubshaw "Anglo-Saxon Boundary Shrines of the Leicestershire-Nottinghamshire Border"
Apr 2017 Frank Earp "An evening of local Folklore and Mysteries with Frank Earp"
Mar 2017 Mike Hill "Radio Afterlife"
Feb 2017 Moira Hodgkinson "Elemental Pathworking"
Jan 2017 Social Moot
Dec 2016 Gordon McGowan "Dowsing – A Tool for the 21st Century"
Nov 2016 Peter Laws "Are We Wired to Think Spiritually?" more info
Oct 2016 Matt Arnold "Paganism and Christianity – Light in the Vesica Piscis"
Sep 2016 Moira Hodgkinson "Jazz Magic – witchcraft, spells and rituals"
Jul 2016 Mike Hill "Cardboard Henge"
Jun 2016 Cat Treadwell "Exploring Pagan Ministry"
May 2016 David Knight "The Masculine Principle in Pagan Spirituality"
Apr 2016 May Charissa Borrof "Interconnected Oak Heart Meditation" more info
Mar 2016 Philip Heselton "Doreen Valiente - Witch" more info
Feb 2016 "Tithe Green Burial Ground" more info
Dec 2015 Dr Lindsay Davies "53 Ways to Stop Believing"
Nov 2015 Heinz Frommann "Beyond Duality - The Roots of Paganism"
Oct 2015 Tim Hewitt "Near Death Experiences"
Sep 2015 Judith & Peter Hewitt "The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic" more info
Jul 2015 Shani Oates "Sacred Mask, Sacred Dance"
Jun 2015 Daryl Baxter "Ancestors & The Sky Gods"
May 2015 Daniel Griffith "Wheels Within Wheels" more info
Apr 2015 Lynne Baylis "Life Rites" more info
Mar 2015 Ashley Mortimer "Witchcraft & The Wica" more info
Feb 2015 Pets As Therapy "Pets As Therapy" more info
Jan 2015 Ross Parish "A Calendar Of Customs - Part 2" more info
Dec 2014 Bridgette Hamilton-Gamble "Eating Like the Ancestors"
Nov 2014 David Knight "Celt Boys & Injuns"
Oct 2014 Tony Rotherham "Robin Hood -The Man - The Myth"
Sep 2014 Moira Hodgkinson "Playing With Dollies"
Jul 2014 Ross Parish "A Calendar Of Customs" more info
Jun 2014 Cat Treadwell "Living Inspiration" (cancelled)
May 2014 Andrew Roberts "An evening of spirit communication"
Apr 2014 Mike Mason "The Trials & Tribulations of Playing With Others"
Mar 2014 Frank Earp "The Survival Of Paganism In Nottinghamshire"
Feb 2014 Ross Parish "Pagan Holy Wells Of The East Midlands" more info
Jan 2014 Dave Howard "Bows An' Arrers (in a Nottingham accent)"
Dec 2013 Mistress Parboil "Pub Ghosts Of Nottingham" more info
Nov 2013 Mike Hill "Poundland Paganism"
Oct 2013 Bee Amber Firechild "Pagan, folk and sacred songs to harmonise your soul"
Sept 2013 Penny Tranter "Everyday Buddhism" more info
Jul 2013 "An Evening With The Spider God"
Jun 2013 Helen Cyrus-Whittle "Embracing Change in Life" more info
May 2013 Richard Pattinson "Fun In A Yurt"
Apr 2013 Daryl Baxter "Witchcraft In The Classical World" more info
Mar 2013 Antonia Zenkevitch "The Hidden Divine Feminine"
Feb 2013 Ross Parish "Holy Wells and Sacred Springs of Nottinghamshire" more info
Jan 2013 Asif & Pauline Qu "Your Inner Djinn"
Dec 2012 Forum Discussion "Paganism Today?"
Nov 2012 Rafe Nauen "Ancient Voice & Constellations" more info...
Oct 2012 Karen Wallace "Hynotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy" more info...
Sep 2012 Moira Hodgkinson "Casting the Ogham Workshop" more info...
Jul 2012 Jay Lakhani "Experiential Religion" more info...
Jun 2012 John Read "Tai Chi Workshop" more info...
May 2012 Ian Timothy "Barefoot Walking" more info
Apr 2012 Elaine Mein "Suffer Not A Witch To Live!"
Mar 2012 Andrew Roberts & Guests "An Evening Of Mediumship"
Feb 2012 Daniel Bran Griffith "Pagan symbolism within the Sherwood Legends"
Jan 2012 Kristian Lander "Atlantis, The Celts, Fallen Angels & The Egyptians"
Dec 2011 Patrick Harding "Four Thousand Years of Christmas" more info
Nov 2011 Dr. Lyndsay Davies "Jung For Pagans"
Oct 2011 Ashley Mortimer "The Legacy Of Doreen Valiente" more info
Sep 2011 Mark Olly "King Arthur in the North"
Jul 2011 Antonia Zenkevitch "Mermaids and Sea Lore"
Jun 2011 Mike Hill "Dr Frankenstein: What's the Worst That Could Happen?"
May 2011 Paul Clipsham "Coming Forth by Day: Ancient Egyptian Teachings" more info
Apr 2011 Frank Earp "The Gods of Nottinghamshire"
Mar 2011 David Lowe "Ancestral Undertows" more info
Feb 2011 Alison Chester-Lambert "The Sun/Earth Environment"
Jan 2011 Esme Knight "Unlocking The Language Of Dreams"
Dec 2010 Mark Olly "Lost Treasures" (cancelled)
Nov 2010 Russ Tanham and Karl Stirland "The Attraction Paradigm"
Oct 2010 WaNaNeeChe "Spiritual Advisor from Turtle Island "more info
Sep 2010 Grahame Watson "I Built an Iron Age Roundhouse!"
Jul 2010 Daryl Baxter "From Ghosts to Gods: Spirituality in the classical world"
Jun 2010 Lynne Tann-Watson "Introduction to herbs/food from Hedgerows"
May 2010 Lapis Lazuli "A Beltane Ritual In Dance"
Apr 2010 Gordon the Toad "Everyday Shamanism"
Mar 2010 Deirdre O'Byrne "Irish Folklore" more info
Feb 2010 Asif Q'ar "Arabic Drumming Workshop" more info
Jan 2010 Esme Knight "Unlocking the Language of Dreams" (cancelled)
Dec 2009 Anna Franklin "The Traditions Of Yule"
Nov 2009 Mark Graham "Druidry"
Oct 2009 Mohana Ward "Active meditations for a balanced and happy lifestyle" more info
Sep 2009 Larry Tuck "Qui Gong workshop - The Swan" more info
Jul 2009 Rosemary Robb "Ghosts, Legends and Mysteries"
Jun 2009 Christine Davies "Nottinghamshire Witchcraft"
May 2009 Joan Cook and Sue Allen "A Chanting Workshop"
Apr 2009 Carol Barstow "Historical Tea, Coffee and Chocolate"
Mar 2009 Geoff Blenkinsop "Anglo Saxon Heathenism"
Feb 2009 Richard Pattinson "Nomadic Wisdom" more info
Jan 2009 Erick Henderson "Prosperity and Abundance"
Dec 2008 Elaine Mein "Curses! - That special gift for that special person!" more info
Nov 2008 Qu'ar Body Art "Henna In Magic" more info
Oct 2008 Ashley Mortimer "Paganism - Survival Or Revival" more info
Sep 2008 Nicky Greenwood "Fruits of the Hedgerow - a Circle Dance Harvest"
Jul 2008 The Aetherius Society "The Masters Of Earth" more info
Jun 2008 Mick Lawlor "Archangels" more info
May 2008 Lizian "Colour Magic And Therapy" more info
Apr 2008 Gary Morley "Ayahuasca: Plant Spirit Medicine"
Mar 2008 Ken Huggins "Stopping the Runaway Brain" more info
Feb 2008 Ade Andrews "Sherwood - The Living Legend" more info
Jan 2008 Steve Mitchell "Dragons & Rings: Decoding Sacred Geometry With Quantum Physics" more info
Dec 2007 Gary Breinholt "Spinning Yarns on the Wheel of the Year" more info
Nov 2007 Lapis Lazuli "Bellydancing: The Goddess Within"
Oct 2007 Dan Billings "Extreme Pumpkin Carving"
Sep 2007 Russell Archer / Jackie Brown"Quantum Thinking"
Aug 2007 Ezekial Bone's Guts & Gore Tour Of Olde Nottingham Towne
Jul 2007 Paul Newman "Voice Magic Workshop"
Jun 2007 Bob Trubshaw "What do we know about England's sacred sites?"
May 2007 Jodie Gray "The Essentials of Aromatherapy"
Apr 2007 Camille Fox "Witchcraft and Astrology: Four of the Elements"
Mar 2007 Patrick Harding "In Praise Of Trees!"
Feb 2007 Margaret Harrison "Pub Ghosts Of Nottingham"
Jan 2007 Dave The Fletcher "Arrow Making And Flint Knapping"
Dec 2006 Everyone! "Yuletide Social Event"
Nov 2006 Pat Dunniclife"Drumming Workshop"
Oct 2006 Jacq Dobson & her group "Reiki - a Practical Introduction"
Jul 2006 Mary Clarke "The Journey Of The Fool (Tarot)"
Jun 2006 Lesley Acklam "Walking The Labyrinth"
May 2006 Moira Stirland "Personal Empowerment Workshop"
Apr 2006 Steve Frost "Native American Flutes And Their Use In Ritual & Meditation" more info
Mar 2006 Michael Nuzzo "Aura Maintainance For Daily Life"
Feb 2006 Dr Charles Tebbs "Teaching Plants Of The Peruvian Amazon"
Jan 2006 Finian Heavey "Female Magicians Of The Golden Dawn And The Goddess"
Dec 2005 Patrick Harding "4000 Years Of Christmas"
Oct 2005 Angie Denman "Houses In Astrology"
Sep 2005 Dennis Ashton "Star Presentations Tour Of The Universe" more info
Jul 2005 Frank Earp "Nottinghamshire Mummers And Guisers"
Jun 2005 Sarah Yates "Cats And Magic"
May 2005 George Chaplin "Thornborough Henges"
Apr 2005 Jeanne Thompson "The Earth As Goddess - A Pagan's Relationship To The Natural World"
Mar 2005 Finnian Heavy "Magic And The Quabbala"
Feb 2005 Mick Lawlor "The Wonder Of Crystals"
Jan 2005 Dr David Marcombe "St Edmund's Chapel, Lincs - A Spirtual Site From Neolithic times"
Dec 2004 Elaine Mein "Amulets, Symbols & Talismans"
Nov 2004 Diarmid "Circle Dancing"
Oct 2004 Anna Franklin "Wise Women and Cunning Men Today"

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